A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Let's be a bird!


  • Mouse Up-Down : Flapping
  • Mouse Left-Right : Tilting

You can score by advancing to the right side.
Be careful behind...


birdguy_win.zip 56 MB
birdguy_linux.zip 66 MB
birdguy_mac.zip 61 MB


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Thank you for comment! I don't have linux environment, so it's useful information for me. To be honest, I don't have also mac but hope working good. Please look forward my next project.

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Hi and thanks for this game!

Just in case you're still interested in this, as a Bug Report, while game Windows version runs fine, Linux version one can't be started at all and trying to execute it via a terminal the following messages are printed: Player.log (hosted at "pastebin.com"); in particular it seems like the application complains not about my system specifications but about instead of a serialization versions mismatch of some files in the game data directory.

Anyway, thanks again for your work!

fun game, would be nice if you included an option to disable the music.

Yeah, I will update it. Thanks!

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Thank you for uploading video! It seems better to flap a little slower like  grabbing air. But it was very helpful for me to know how first playing player do this game. Thanks!

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:D ..make different select charter this game :D think good idea fun

Pretty Good Just A Little Hard To Get Down But Its 10/Bird

Thank you for playing! It is good to spread his arm when approaching the ground.